About Us

The idea of QUIL began in late 2003 in Morinville, Alberta. A few of us discovered a mutual interest in quilting and got together in November 2003. Most of us are quite new to quilting and we rely on our most experienced member to help us learn the techniques, and through surfing the 'net and reading as many books as we can possibly find.

Originally, our plan was to get together a couple of times a month to work on a variety of projects and learn techniques such as paper piecing. Well, our love of this wonderful craft has brought us together more frequently than we originally planned! We meet as frequently as possible on Saturday and that usually adds up to about 3 times a month. Sometimes, all four of us are not together, so we treat those days when we all meet as particularly special. We meet in the library because there is a room available for such activities and three of us work there!

It is impossible to say how much pleasure this has brought us; whether we work on our own at home or together as a group. Certainly, being able to discuss ideas for projects and spend time with each other adds an element that is appreciated by all.

Currently, we are looking for an experienced quilter to visit or join our group and teach us new designs, projects, techniques and to provide quilting advice. If you live in Morinville and think you would like to join us, please send an email here: Quilting@WebLady.ca.
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